Mergers & Inquisitions - Explainer

I recently had the opportunity to direct and animate an intro video for Mergers & Inquisitions. One thing I usually stay away from in most of my intro videos is excessive character animation, but M&I was the exception. They needed something that people starting in investment banking could relate to, so therefore a script was produced (credit to Ryan Holiday), and I began to work on a style that might work well with the narrative they had developed. I based my character designs on the work Dyna Moe did for Mad Men. I thought something like that would work well for this type of client, especially after reading the script and getting a handle on the overall tone and feeling the narrator (credit to Ed Kelly) was conveying. It was a lot of work, but when all was said and done, the client was very please with it, as was I and Simplifilm, the agency I did the work for.

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